Chiropractic Testimonials

"Always delighted to walk into Doctor Clayman’s office and feel better upon my exit. It has been a pleasurable experience every visit and not only did I learn about what is going on with my spine, but we’ve been working to keep me pain free! I love chiropractic."

- Aleyha C.

"I’ve been coming here a while and absolutely love this place and has been able to accommodate all of my needs throughout my pregnancy… and the staff are Amazing and very helpful."

- TJ M.

“Great doc. He is a lifetime learner so his patients get great and cutting edge care.”

- Chris C.

“Been going here for 7 years! Friendly staff, easy going appointments/visits, most importantly you feel a lot better.”

- Aarik K.

“Great Staff, Great Treatment, and best overall experience I have ever had with a Chiropractor. Dr. Clayman also has an upbeat attitude. If he is having a bad day he does all he can to not let it effect his abilities as a Dr.. I know all this because I have been seeing Dr. Clayman for 9 years now. I have gotten to know him quite well and he has even been part of personal and private life changing events. I love Dr. Clayman and his staff. Yes Roxbury Spine is a business but they have also made me feel like family. I look forward for many years to come personal and business!”

- Chris W.

“Great place very dedicated professionals.”

- Ronald W.

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Roxbury Spine and Wellness Clinic

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